Top Canadian Pop and Rock Singers

Canadian singers have been dominating music charts all over the world for decades now. Most people tend to be frequently surprised just how many vocal and musical powerhouses are actually Canadian. This is because many musicians tend to drift over the border, hoping to find fame and fortune in the United States. None of them forget where they came from and many actually cite the Canadian culture as influences for their music. Here are some of the most famous pop stars and rock stars to have emerged from Canada:

Top Canadian Pop Singers in the Past

As mentioned, Canada has been a hotbed of talent for quite a while now. Therefore, it is easy to trace back just how long the nation has been producing global superstars. One of the most famous, undoubtedly, is Joni Mitchell. It is often difficult to determine just which category that Mitchell falls into but she frequently varies between folk music and pop music. Regardless, she is definitely one of the best known and recognized artists of that era. Paul Anka was another musician who gained particular fame between the 1950s and the 1970s.

Although venturing forth much later on, Alannah Myles, Shania Twain, and Corey Hart also belong in this category. Perhaps one of the most well-known pop singers from Canada is Celine Dion. While she still performs frequently in Las Vegas at sold-out shows, the vocalist has not released an album in a while. This means that she has not really spent much time on the music charts recently although her songs are never forgotten.

Top Canadian Rock Singers in the Past

The world recently said a tearful goodbye to one of the more beloved rock singers of this time – Leonard Cohen. The Canadian-born artist held people captive with this voice and poetry for over fifty years. Possibly even more well-known than Cohen is the rebellious and soul-stirring Neil Young. He has been creating waves – and continues to do so – with both his music as well as his social viewpoints. In terms of commercial success, it was probably Bryan Adams who really dominated the charts. He has managed to send around a hundred million copies in singles and albums, all around the world. His reach has spanned across the globe. Tom Cochrane is another well-known Canadian rock singer who won multiple Juno awards for his contribution to the music industry. Alanis Morissette may not have reached such heights but she certainly did leave her mark. With her angst-ridden vocals and lyrics, Morissette was certainly a breath of fresh and still continues to be a cornerstone for the alternative genre.

Current Top Canadian Pop Singers

It was recently discovered that Avril Lavigne had achieved the distinct honour of being one of the most famous Canadians. It can be difficult to categorize Lavigne as belonging just to one genre, although over time she has trickled into pop music. If you are going to mention modern pop singers, it is nearly impossible to ignore the presence of Justin Bieber. Bieber has achieved fame that few other artists have managed in the past or in recent times. Shawn Mendes is another young Canadian who is making views in the pop music scene. Much like Bieber, he has been conquering the hearts of young teenage girls all over the world. Alessia Cara has also been receiving an overwhelming amount of praise and success for her recent work. Artists such as Drake and The Weekend are very clearly masters of RnB and hip hop. Nonetheless, they are worth a mention, solely for the sake that they, Drake in particular, are two of the top artists in recent music history. Therefore, it would be remiss to not include them.

Current Top Canadian Rock Singers

2016 has been a year for blasts from the past. This is particularly apparent in the reappearance of bands such as Sum 41 and Simple Plan. While they are not necessarily considered to be lone singers, they are once again putting Canadian rock on the map. Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace is also a talent that has not dispersed over the past few years. While he has not released a single or an album in a while, he and the band continue to perform all over the world. Sam Roberts has been producing for a while now and remains on this path. This is one of the reasons that he is frequently present on lists of some of the best, current Canadian rock singers.

It would take a considerable amount of time and space to delve into the full and complete depths that is Canadian music. All of this is just a testament to the incredible amount of talent that has emerged and continues to emerge from Canada.